Labor Inventory Accounting

Toast + Compeat

Toast and Compeat: Accounting and Business Insights Integration

Toast has partnered with Compeat in order to give restaurateurs powerful business insights and help make their restaurants run smoother.

Full coverage from your Point-of-Sale to your P&L

The Toast restaurant point of sale integration can be used for above-store reporting, labor reporting, payroll, and inventory including:

Back Office Systems

  • Financial Analysis (P&L, Sales, Comps, etc...)

  • Inventory Tracking (On-Site Operations, Theoretical Inventory, Menu Engineering)

  • Accounting Management (Accounts Receivable, Payable, General Ledger)

  • Labor Management: (Handles State Labor Laws, Payroll Processing)


“For Monteverde, we wanted to seek out solutions that were the most forward-thinking. A lot of restaurant industry systems are a little archaic, and we wanted something that was moving into the future. The fact that Toast and Compeat linked together was a huge selling point - it’s an efficient way of putting our sales reporting and accounting data where we need it.”

Meg Sahs

Managing partner and owner of Monteverde Restaurant and Pastificio

Labor Reporting

  • Payroll integration

  • Hiring: Onboarding Platform (Applicant Tracking, Careers Page, Onboarding)

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