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Toast + GraTrack

Simplify tip distribution and increase gratuities with GraTrack

The Tip Solution

GraTrack is a comprehensive tip tracking and gratuity management software application that allows you to distribute and pay tips on payroll, replacing cash payouts and manual calculations in spreadsheets. You can pool and distribute tips by shift, day, or entire pay period based on the number of hours worked by each server, bartender, and other pool participants within a specific time frame.

How GraTrack integrates with Toast

With this integration, you can easily distribute tip income based on hours worked by position in a variety of ways. Information by net sales by employee by sales category, total tips and gratuity for every employee, and time attendance information from Toast is transferred into GraTrack.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify tip distribution
    Instead of spending 5-8 hours every week on manually calculating and distributing tips, reduce the time and effort spent to 30 minutes per week on average when you use GraTrack.

  • Save more money
    Cash over and shorts virtually disappear. Tips on payroll allows you to adjust the safe bank, reducing exposure to theft and putting capital back into your business.

  • Motivate your team to better serve guests
    Incentivize each position in your service model using those tips to keep guests coming back with the detailed tip distribution system.

  • Quality service
    GraTrack offers consulting on various topics related to tipping, your service model, and your POS configuration as part of your subscription.

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