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Toast + sunday

Save time for what matters.

sunday was built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs to deliver the fastest payment method. 

sunday provides your restaurant with a beautifully designed QR codes that live on your table. Each QR code is linked to a specific table in your Toast POS table map. When the customer is ready to pay, they scan the QR code, split the bill, leave a tip, and make payment directly from their phone saving your waiters up to 15 minutes per table. In addition to more turns, waiters who use sunday see 10% higher tips and 12% higher check sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Save Time
    Waiters turn tables 10-15 minutes faster. Time saved for waiters means more time to upsell other customers, bring out food/drinks faster, and serve more customers.

  • Higher Tips:
    Waiters who use sunday see 10% higher tips due to pre-set tip amounts when the customer is paying.

  • Higher Check Sizes:
    Customers order more because the menu is right at their fingertips throughout the meal and they have time for coffee/desserts because they can pay and leave at any time.

  • Happier Customers:
    Shorter waits to get a table or get the bill. The customer experience is enhanced by allowing them to pay at any time.

Visit sunday for more information!

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