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Prepare for February holidays with Toast

Just when we thought the holidays were over, February sneaks up on us with a few more. Here are a few ways to get the most out of the short month and keep your guests engaged: 

  • Running a special for the Big Game? Our Toast Marketing template is the perfect way to  get the word out to your customers. Don’t have Toast Marketing? Get 3 months free* when you bundle Marketing + Loyalty. 

  • Speaking of the Big Game, you may be preparing to do a ton of deliveries. Integrate directly with 3rd party partners to help make things run as smoothly as possible, or add a commission-free delivery option to your Online Ordering to save on fees. 

  • Want to drive traffic through your door on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got a Toast Marketing template for that, too. Or help them find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift by suggesting a digital gift card from your restaurant. 

  • Incentivize guests to order takeout with a promo code. Single-use promo codes are now available to use with Online Ordering! Learn how to set up a promo code here.  

*Terms and conditions apply.

You Asked, We Listened

Your feedback is an important factor in determining what Toast builds next and we appreciate you sharing it with us. Here are a few features we’ve recently released based on requests and suggestions heard directly from you.

Read about the releases 

Learn more about Feature Request process

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Get the Most out of Toast

Get your staff ready to redeem gift cards

Help your restaurant staff get ready to redeem gift cards after the holiday season (and with Valentine's Day right around the corner) with a dedicated staff training video.

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Get Game Day ready with access to fast funding!

It’s almost that time of year again — where love is all around, and where football, fun commercials, and food are competing for the forefront! Is your restaurant ready for the Valentine’s & Game Day rush? Or maybe a take-home kit is the best option, do you have enough inventory on hand to make sure the day’s ordering flows smoothly? 

Did you know that Toast Capital can help you in a pinch with access to fast* and flexible funding? Loans range from $5k-$250k! With a quick application, easy repayment**, and one fixed fee, it makes going to your brick and mortar bank a thing of the past. Explore more about Toast Capital and check to see if you’re pre-qualified§ today!

Toast Capital Loans are issued by WebBank, Member FDIC. Loans are subject to credit approval and may not be available in certain jurisdictions. WebBank reserves the right to change or discontinue this program without notice.

Toast Order & Pay sends tickets directly to the printer or Kitchen Display System to speed up service and improve turn times

Take your in-store guest experience to the next level by adding or upgrading your QR codes! No matter where you are in your journey, Toast has the right QR offering for you:  

  • Turning on Scan to Pay will allow guests to pay at the end of their meal using a QR code on their receipt. Turn it on here → 

  • Create the ultimate experience with Order & Pay, where guests can browse your menu, order directly from their phones, and pay whenever they’re ready - all from a tableside QR code. Get it free for 3 months* → 

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Resources & Tips

The 2022 Restaurant Marketing Plan

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing your restaurant. That’s especially true now, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to force restaurants like yours to adapt.

Create a marketing plan that meets the needs of your restaurant – and helps you attract and engage the customers you want – with the new 2022 Restaurant Marketing Plan.

It'll help you set your restaurant up for a strong start in 2022, and teach you best practices to drive repeat business during the Omicron wave and beyond.

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Your Guide to Navigating the Omicron Wave

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re facing another curveball: the Omicron variant. We’ve outlined five key areas to focus on as you navigate your restaurant through the complexities of yet another surge.

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Running your Payroll Resource Guide

New to Toast Payroll? We have created a new learning hub full of resources to help you run payroll and manage employee information in the system.

Learn how to process payroll, make pay changes, update employee profiles, and much more!

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Customer Spotlight

Toast has helped Velvet Taco expand at a rapid pace, bringing their fresh food and fun atmosphere to 30 locations in Texas, Georgia, and Illinois.

"We can have all the settings that we want at every restaurant be exactly the same, or I can dig into one specific restaurant and change any small thing," shared Audra, the Informational Technology Manager at Velvet Taco. "It really has made our overall operation a lot smoother. I would say our digital sales grew about 80%," she added.

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Partner Spotlight

Make informed decisions and turn guests into friends with our reservation integrations from  Resy.

Leverage industry-leading reporting to evaluate your per person average spend by shift, reservation source, party size and more. Use this intel and sales forecasting to help optimize your dining room and make strategic decisions about how to adjust menus, floor plan, and staff accordingly.

Learn More About Resy →

*The average time from application to final offer is 2.6 business days. Approximately 60% of applications are approved within 1 business day after submission. You may reduce your processing time by ensuring that all of your restaurant's beneficial ownership information on file with Toast is up to date before applying, and by quickly responding to any requests for information. Once you receive a final offer and sign your credit agreement, you can typically receive funds in your account in 1-2 business days.

**Repayment is automated as a fixed percentage of your daily card sales processed through Toast. Toast Capital Loans have either a target maturity of 90 days and a maximum term of 150 days or a target maturity of 270 days and a maximum term of 330 days, based on eligibility. Any outstanding balance due at the end of the maximum term will be collected automatically via ACH.

§Pre-qualified offers are based on information about your restaurant and your account history with Toast, including your sales history. All loans are subject to credit approval and terms and availability may change based on your restaurant’s ability to meet applicable credit and eligibility criteria.