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Get your restaurant ready for the busy season!

Whether you’re looking to expand your patio, grow and retain your staff, upgrade your digital menus, or find cost-cutting solutions to help you grow - Toast has you covered.  

Explore the latest products, features, & tools to help you maximize your space and customer experience. 

  • Ready for the rush? No more running back and forth to the terminal - Toast's handheld POS helps deliver service that's fast, efficient, and ready to pivot on the fly. Learn More

  • Once guests are seated, Mobile Order & Pay™ assists your servers when they are busiest. Guests can browse the menu and order right from their phone, to help keep the orders flowing. Learn More

  • A well thought out menu can enable your customers to discover new dishes and help first time diners find new favorites, all while helping  your staff  place orders in a timely manner. Optimize your digital menu so guests can spend less time scrolling and more time soaking up the sun. Learn More

  • Built to boost efficiency, manage and customize  your catering and event orders in one place.  Skip the paperwork and automate repetitive tasks to keep your guests satisfied through streamlined planning and execution. Learn More

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Customer Spotlight

Learn how Heather at Traveler Street Hospitality Group is preparing for patio season

How is Traveler Street Hospitality Group preparing for patio season (e.g. any changes to operations, use of technology, etc.?). How will Toast play a role, if at all?

We plan for patio season all year! When patio season ends, we have a meeting to unpack all that we have learned and create punch lists for the restaurants to make sure we are staying on top of everything we will need to hit the ground running when the season is back! We use as much technology as possible to make our patio season successful! Covid allowed us to add a good deal of seats and some of those changes in permitting are a lasting positive change. We use all the obvious tools through Toast like contactless payment and the Toast Go but we are also careful to make sure we are using all of Toast reporting to the fullest. We assign revenue centers to each patio so we can track sales in each area of the restaurant. We run product mixes to make informed decisions about menu engineering for the busy patio season. Toast is very much a part of our planning for the season! 

What are the biggest challenges faced transitioning to patio season and how are you solving for them? How will Toast play a role, if at all?

I think the answer to this one is probably the same for everyone? Staffing continues to be a challenge. Patio season presents its own staffing challenges because some folks you hire are seasonal. They do not have a firm grasp on the culture or style of service and may not have enough time to learn. Toast is a very intuitive system and I think if you have experience using any POS you can easily adapt to Toast. The workflow is quick and efficient - it makes sense! Also the reporting tools I mentioned above - we can see how to allocate our resources & staff. Where and when do we need people?

What advice would you give other customers on best ways to prepare for patio season?

Start now! Make sure you are set up for success and plan ahead. Set up your floor plans, set up revenue centers, organize your reservation systems, train staff on floor plans and seat numbers, make sure you have hand-helds set up properly. If you aren't using hand-helds or pay at the table, embrace the technology and use it to help make your business better!

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Get the Most out of Toast

We know you're busy. (Now more than ever). Toast Classroom and Central have you covered with easy-to-follow resources for a successful summer – and beyond.

Toast Classroom: Mobile Dining Solutions

Get expert-led training & best practices through Toast Classroom for Mobile Dining Solutions. This on-demand training guide trains you in:

  • Choosing which Mobile Dining Solution works best for personal restaurant setup

  • Describing the differences between each Mobile Dining Solution

  • Configuring  setup on Toasttab for Mobile Payments, Digital Menus & Toast Mobile Order & Pay

Learn More

Toast Central: Mobile Order & Pay

With Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, guests can easily scan a QR code to browse the menu, order, and pay, all from their mobile device. 

By putting your guests more in control of their dine-in experience, Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ can help you reduce your labor costs, improve table turn times, and increase sales. All while offering your guests a more efficient way to dine in your restaurant. 

Go to Toast Central for all you need to know to set up Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, the contactless ordering and payment experience in your restaurant.

Learn More
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Resources & Tips

The latest Restaurant Trends Report from Toast finds the Average Date Night at a Restaurant Costs $121, up more than 75% in 5 Years*

The new Restaurant Trends Report from Toast is out with insights into the average Valentine’s Day, beer and delivery updates from the Super Bowl, a look into various metro areas across the U.S., tipping trends, and more.

*Toast analyzed February 14 transaction sizes for two people during in-restaurant dinner service at full-service restaurants on the Toast platform from 2018 to 2023. Restaurants that had less than five transactions were excluded. Taxes not included. Toast used a cohort of same-store customers and did not include restaurants that started using Toast on or after January 1, 2021.

Learn More

Your Guide to Tackling the Patio Crowds

Spring and summer 2023 are coming in hot, with record numbers anticipated. In this guide, we’ll give you the tips and best practices you need to tackle the patio crowds — short staffed, time-strapped, and all. 

Learn More

Spring Break 2023 Trends and Insights to Help Boost Sales

See what restaurants can expect for 2023 Spring Break dining trends, including spending, deals and specials, decision-making priorities, and more.

Learn More

Want to discuss industry trends with your peers? Join the Industry Trends discussion in the Toast Community!

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Partner Spotlight

Tenzo Integration Now Available!

Tenzo is an analytics and sales forecasting platform for restaurants, bars and cafes. It integrates with your POS system, labor planner, and inventory management platform to bring all your restaurant data together in one app and send actionable insights to the right person at the right time on desktop or mobile. 

Tenzo's reporting helps you drive up revenues while reducing costs and makes running a restaurant business more zen.

Learn More
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Other Resources

Hear from Toast advocate Meghan Bishop

“I refer Toast because I love the system and the price is right. Other systems will cost you an arm and a leg and are not as detail oriented as Toast. It’s also a one-stop shop; you are able to do payroll, gift cards, loyalty, and credit card processing to name a few!”

Megan, of Lunch Soup and Sandwich in Maine, shares the reasons why she loves Toast, with great advice to generate referrals. Look out for our March Advocate Spotlight in the coming weeks and continue spreading the word about Toast! Terms apply.

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