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We're all in customer success

We seek to understand our customers' diverse needs and goals, deliver them exceptional products and services, and work hard to earn and keep their trust.

We embrace an ownership mindset

We each play a role in the success of Toast. We're decisive, we own the outcome, and when we see a problem, we jump in to help solve it. We seek frontline perspectives and consider the impact of our work beyond our direct team. We spend the company's finite resources on what matters the most. We care about the big picture, and the small details that get us there.

We're one team

We lead with empathy and treat others with respect. We play a team sport, and our success is dependent on all of us working together and lifting each other up. We help each other however we can, push each other to excel, and pick each other up when we fall.

We're driven by purpose and impact

We get stuff done with agility, integrity, and a sense of urgency. We dive deep, regardless of our job or level, and understand the details. We create focus with clear goals aligned to our mission and purpose, and clarity on the path to achieve them.

We lead with humility

We seek out diverse perspectives and bring them to the table regardless of title, level, or background. We prepare and bring strong perspectives to every conversation, and then listen carefully. We speak up and challenge respectfully, and communicate with honesty and humility. We act on helpful feedback with gratitude, no matter where it comes from.

We're hungry to build and learn

We create lasting success with boldness, innovation, and a growth mindset. We place bets and run experiments to build for the future. Mistakes will happen when we push the boundaries...and when they do, we treat each other with grace, learn the root cause, and build for better.

We raise the bar

We know that bar-raising teams produce bar-raising results. So we hire extremely talented people, coach them early and often, and empower them to do great work.


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