Food Waste Reduction

Restaurant savings made simple with food waste insights

New food waste reduction features to help you analyze food waste patterns and cut back on your food waste to lower costs.

Built to reduce food waste and boost profitability

Meet three new tools designed to help you understand your food costs and uncover savings.

Food Waste Tracker

Track and categorize your prepared excess food.

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Reporting Dashboard

Use your data to reduce your food waste — now with xtraCHEF integration capabilities.

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Education Hub

Turn insights into action with cost saving strategies and local partners to help repurpose any excess food waste.

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Optimize your operations by tracking food waste costs
  • Customizable waste tracking tailored to your restaurant’s workflow.
  • Easy to use and accessible to your whole staff.
  • Take your waste tracking on the move with Toast Go.
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Turn numbers into savings by tackling food waste with data
  • Identify your top waste categories.
  • Track your waste insights by week, month, and year.
  • Uncover lost opportunity for specific items on your menu.
Resources to help you estimate ingredient costs and cook up savings with valuable insights
  • Learn about ingredient-specific tips for waste reduction.
  • Support your community and explore local food donation partners.
  • A library of digital resources that can help you boost margins and reduce food waste.
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See it in action: track food waste & optimize operations

What our customers have to say:

“Toast’s Food Waste Reduction simplify[s] the previous manual tracking process and giv[es] visibility to both production and cost savings opportunities to our franchise operators. Staff are all empowered to input and categorize waste, while also giving management visibility into food waste trends and insights in one place on the Toast platform.”

Massimo Mallozzi

VP of Information Technology Paris Baguette

“The food waste tracker has helped me track cost savings! Their accurate reporting has helped me to identify areas in our operations where we need to improve efficiency, specifically regarding expiration dates, over-preparing ingredients, and even customer dissatisfaction. Its ease of use has made it accessible for my staff and ensures they don't forget to enter waste items into our system.”

Grace Emmerling

General Manager Mixtape
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