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Take stock of what your restaurant needs to succeed

xtraCHEF by Toast offers modern inventory management tools to keep your culinary and finance teams on the same page.


Control waste, rising costs and manage your profitability with value-based inventory insights

Blend invoice automation, recipe costing, and Toast POS sales data into a seamless inventory solution that goes beyond counting cans.

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Gain financial clarity into your inventory

Monitor real-time inventory values with automated ingredient price changes.

Transform beginning and ending inventory details into insights for COGS reports.

Integrate with Toast POS data to fuel reporting, such as actual vs theoretical (AvT), depleting inventory, and more.

Ditch the sheets and clipboards with app-based processes

Get counts done quicker on your phone or mobile device by mapping count lists to your unique kitchen setup - with or without connection to wifi.

Assign inventory counts to staff members so it never gets skipped or forgotten.

Track patterns of missing value to identify waste, shrinkage, and theft.

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Centralize your vendors, orders, and product catalog

Take inventory once, and we’ll create an order guide for you based on what’s on hand and what’s required to maintain par.

Schedule recurring orders to ensure you’re maintaining par levels for your most-used products.

Send orders directly to your suppliers with our seamless purchasing & order management capabilities.

Run your entire restaurant on Toast

A single restaurant platform that works better together, helping you save time and take control of costs while delighting your guests and managing your team.

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