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Locations Onboarded in 2 Weeks

Customer Story

How Fresh City Rolled Out Toast Fast Casual POS to 6 Locations in Just 2 Weeks


Serving only naturally-raised meat and locally grown produce, Fresh City is a leader in the fast casual industry. For owner Pete Minich, it’s the details that keep Fresh City running efficiently. After years of dealing with a traditional point of sale, Pete switched all of his Fresh City locations to Toast.

Fast & Easy Setup

With no clunky hardware or complex servers, setting up Toast is significantly faster than traditional point of sale systems. An easy setup allowed Pete to focus on his business rather than his point of sale. And, since Toast is built specifically for the hospitality industry, training staff was a breeze.

“We rolled Toast out to all locations in just two weeks. The onboarding process was super easy. In one hour, you could train a whole restaurant.”

Another hassle Toast eliminated for Fresh City was the need for visits from a technician when updates were needed. Since Toast can be securely accessed from any internet-connected device, software updates and troubleshooting are processed remotely, for free.

“Toast Customer Care is rapid and responsive. We never need tech visits. All updates are completed automatically and remotely. Updates to Toast have been lightspeed compared to other POS systems.”

Control & Visibility

When businesses operate across multiple locations, it can be challenging to keep tabs on everything happening at once. Most traditional point of sale systems don’t offer easy or instant remote access, making it nearly impossible to track business metrics in real-time.

When Pete implemented Toast at Fresh City, he discovered a new standard of reporting - one that enabled him to instantly access all of his sales, labor, and menu reports from anywhere.

“The fact that I have access to real-time data in the moment on my laptop or on my phone is awesome. It helps us manage our restaurants more efficiently and effectively.”

With Toast’s detailed reporting features, Pete can compare sales of individual menu items and view individual employee’s productivity. Complete control over business operations is now securely accessible to Pete, right from his smartphone.

“To know things like average transaction times is fantastic. I was never able to see this information before."

Significant Cost Savings

Cost-effective hardware, hosted data storage, and secure, remotely controlled maintenance and updates make Toast one of the most affordable systems on the market. Replacing bulky traditional hardware for Toast’s Android tablets saved Fresh City thousands of dollars in hardware costs alone.

“I was able to outfit six of my restaurants with Toast for less than it would have cost me to outfit just one location with a legacy system.”

As a smart hospitality management platform, Toast combines sales and labor tracking with powerful tools like online ordering, loyalty programs, gift cards and more.

“We were about to pay a lot of money for an external loyalty program. With Toast, it’s already built in to the platform.”

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