Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

Toast Kitchen Display System (KDS) seamlessly connects your front of house and kitchen staff so they can deliver unforgettable meals.

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Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with restaurant kiosks
  • Restaurant-grade hardware
    Rated for a higher temperature and greater durability than iPad screens.
  • Multiple screen sizes
    Mount your KDS anywhere in your kitchen without losing visibility.
  • Toast Go® integration
    Items are fired directly to the KDS as soon as the guest orders, allowing the kitchen to start preparing items seconds later.
  • Digital ordering integration
    Aggregate all orders from kiosk, online ordering, and third-party channels on your KDS.
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Give everyone in the kitchen the visibility they need to prepare a top-notch meal, effortlessly.
  • All day display and production item counts
    Spend more time focused on preparing food than counting tickets.
  • Multiple language support
    Customize item names with different languages (or even use emojis!)
  • Advance prep station routing
    Route orders to the correct station – whether it's dine-in, takeout, or delivery.
  • Kitchen productivity reporting
    Dig into your ticket times by prep station to identify bottlenecks.
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Technology that allows your team to focus on delivering amazing guest experiences.
  • SMS & in-app alerts
    Send notifications directly to your guests or your servers' handhelds when orders are ready.
  • Automated firing by prep time
    Ensure one dish doesn’t get cold while another is still on the grill.
  • Never lose a ticket
    Digital tickets can't get dropped in the fryer.
  • Color-coded modifiers
    Put modifications and allergens front and center so dishes aren't sent back.

Why Restaurateurs Choose Toast

“Without Toast, it would be much harder to do the volume we see at lunch. We might do 100 to 200 tickets over the course of a couple hours. Kitchen display screens have helped us achieve that level of service."

Brad Gillis

Co-Founder Home Grown

"Guests don't stay at one bar; they move from space to space. With Toast, a guest can open a tab at any of our three bars and any bartender can enter information for them."

Ezra Star

General Manager Drink

"By eliminating paper tickets and using kitchen display systems, we can get the chefs on the line to focus on what matters - product quality and product consistency."

Matthew Roy

Manager of Technical Operations Casa Del Barco

Consider these products alongside Toast KDS to power your restaurant's success.

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ToastGo Handhelds

Enter orders and take payments tableside for faster, more efficient service.

Online Ordering ca card

Online Ordering

Grow your business online while owning your profits and guest relationships with commission-free online ordering.

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A seamless self-ordering experience that busts the line for you and texts guests when their order's ready. No old school buzzer needed.

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