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Mahony's Po-Boys Manages a Booming Business with Toast Restaurant POS

Mahonys Hero

Mahony's Po-Boys & Seafood chef-inspired po-boys have set them apart in the competitive New Orleans market. They use Toast's cloud-based platform to create an efficient and awesome guest experience every time.

Mahony’s Po-Boys and Seafood is a staple in New Orleans. Their chef-inspired take on po-boys set them aside from competing restaurants and keep customers coming back. Toast’s cloud-based model and personal customer service have helped Mahony’s create success — even during the mad rush of Mardi Gras.

A system that rallies for Mardi Gras

"If you’ve ever been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you would understand what the craze is all about," says Mahony's President, Glen Armantrout. When looking at restaurant POS systems, Mahony’s needed something that could keep up with the annual festivities that floods New Orleans with tourists. 

"Everything doubles here at the restaurant during Mardi Gras," says Glen. "We were really worried that our old POS would break from the influx of orders."

Toast’s technology is crucial for Mahony’s for everything from labor management to table turnover. This improved turnover allows them to double their sales during Mardi Gras.

“When you’re a restaurant during Mardi Gras, you’re at the mercy for everything to go right. Toast was a POS that we could rely on,” Glen explains.

You can be away from the restaurant and know exactly what’s happening to the minute. It’s like seeing the mysteries of the world. The cloud really helps with inventory and tracking orders. I’m able to fine tune and say ‘let's not spend so much energy on something that isn’t doing well.’

- Glen Armantrout, President

- Glen Armantrout, President

Business reporting mysteries unveiled

Toast’s cloud-based model makes it easy for Glen and his management team to run business reports quickly. He found tremendous value in not having to sit at a back office computer to get a view of the business.

“You can be away from the restaurant and know exactly what’s happening to the minute. It’s like seeing the mysteries of the world,” explains Glen. “The real-time reporting with a cloud-based system really helps with tracking the business. I’m able to fine-tune the menu and say ‘let's not spend so much energy on something that isn’t doing well.’”

From his personal computer or phone, Glen can easily see what menu items are doing well and which ones are not as successful. With this real-time reporting, he can quickly make changes according to what will be most profitable for the business.

"I like that I can make quick changes on my computer. I can write down a list of things that need to be changed, and then have the ability to do it myself," he says.

Toast Reporting & Analytics
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A customer care team that understands restaurants

From their first online demo to installation and maintenance, Mahony’s has always had a close personal relationship with Toast. Compared to previous pos systems that Glen has worked with, he's found that Toast Customer Care is quick and accurate with feedback.

“With our previous system, it was really difficult to get things fixed. Then it quickly became very expensive to have our issues resolved,” recounts Glen. "With Toast, I can talk on the phone with someone, without having to wait on hold and be connected to someone overseas."

Quick and caring technical support from a professional, knowledgeable team is one of the things that sets Toast apart for Mahony's.

“It’s evident that Toast really cares about their customers," Glen says. "Everyone’s trying to help as much as they can.”

Through their use of Toast, Mahony's can effectively manage their business, no matter what time of year it is.

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