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How to Create a Barista Resume (Skills, Examples)

Isabel ThottamAuthor

How to Create a Barista Resume (Skills, Examples)

Barista jobs are in high demand. There are over 450,000 barista job listings online. And data projects that the job market will grow 14% over the next five years. Considering the hiring demand, managers are receiving an influx of resumes, making it harder to land a barista job these days. 

If you want to work at your favorite coffee shop or café as a barista, you need to make your application stand out. Learn how to create a barista resume that’s sure to grab a hiring manager’s attention, as well as other tips and advice for improving your chances of being hired as a barista.


Manager Resume Template

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Professional Experience

To create a barista resume that stands out, use your professional experience to your advantage. Highlight the total amount of years of experience in the summary section of your resume. Use bullet points to explain your barista knowledge when listing your previous professional experience.

Focus on the last two or three positions you’ve held that showcase your knowledge and strengths as a barista. It’s important to indicate the timeframe of each position you held, because hiring managers often look at the dates to gauge your years of experience, as well as how long you tend to stay at a job.

Personal Information

Include any major accomplishments on your resume, such as certifications from coffee trainings, or awards won in competition for your espresso pulling or latte art skills. 

You can also use bullet points to  include any relevant barista experience you do off the clock. For example, if you have a barista set-up in your home that’s different from the equipment used at work, you can explain how you experiment with drink ideas or other brewing methods.

Or, if you went on vacation to a destination where coffee is grown (such as Hawaii or Costa Rica) and spent a day volunteering on a coffee farm, or took a tour of the coffee fields, you could include this experience on your resume to show your interest and passion for the coffee industry.


Some skills a barista should include on their resume are:

  • Espresso pulling, coffee brewing and latte art

  • Food and drink prep and handling

  • Verbal communication

  • Operating Point of Sale Systems and cash handling

  • Knowledge about coffee roasting process and growing methods

  • Adaptable, collaborative team player

  • Training and team-building

Since a barista position is customer-facing and often requires you to take orders on a point of sale system, consider listing skills that show your experience with this: imputing orders, managing orders, processing credit card transactions and handling cash.

You can also include skills such as speciality drink design and preparation, or the ability to utilize specific commercial coffee equipment. 

Here's an example of a barista resume to help you get started:  

Sample Resume



1410 Lakewood Ave #4 Cleveland, OH 44101

SUMMARY: Customer-focused barista with 3 years of experience working in coffee houses serving high-quality espresso and brewed coffee. Reliable team player with a friendly, positive demeanor, who enjoys interacting with customers.



Happy Heart Cafe 

September 2020 – Present

  • Prepared espresso shots, pour overs, French-press and drip coffee. 

  • Designed specialty coffee drinks with manager and trained employees in preparation.

  • Suggested an improvement to café’s inventory management system to decrease waste and inventory loss and re-organized inventory shelves and records to maintain the new system..


Kaya's Coffee Shop

June 2019 – September 2020

  • Provided excellent customer service with a friendly attitude when greeting customers, taking orders and preparing drinks.

  • Memorized all menu offerings for quick preparation and to be able to recommend blends, roasts, and specialty drink or food offerings to customers. 

  • Mastered the Point of Sale system to input and track orders and handle financial transactions.


Samantha’s Cafe – Canton, OH

March 2018 – June 2019

  • Welcomed customers, took drink orders and assisted with delivery of food and drinks to tables.
  • Maintained a clean café by promptly clearing dishes, cleaning and sanitizing tables.
  • Expressed interest in receiving barista training and learned how to operate manual and semi-automatic espresso machines, pull espresso and prepare drinks, and operate commercial coffee brewers and bean grinders.

If you create a strong resume that showcases your barista experience and passion for working in a coffee shop, you can likely land an interview and quite possibly the job. It’s a competitive industry, but if you’re able to highlight your strengths, skills, knowledge, and interest in the coffee industry, hiring managers will take note of your drive.

To further increase your chance of becoming a barista, consider networking within the coffee community, which can help get your foot in the door. Reach out to current or previous co-workers, to see if anyone has connections at the coffee shop you’re hoping to work for. 

You can also always show up in person, and express your interest in being hired as a barista. Some coffee shops will let you apply in person, or at least turn in your materials in person. It will help increase the chances of your resume being seen, because it puts a face to a name. 

If you want to be a barista and have the right qualifications, experience, and passion, a strong resume will help you land the job.

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