Customer Winter Relief Announcement

Toast Update | COVID-19 Relief this Winter

Toast Family,

It goes without saying that this year has been one of the most challenging years that our industry has faced and, that with case counts and state-by-state restrictions on the rise, we must prepare to face a challenging winter together. 

There are many aspects to our mission here at Toast, but one we hold dear is to take every step we can to help you thrive.  We believe that, when times are challenging, we must go above and beyond to take proactive steps to support you, your business, and your community.  With limited progress on the economic stimulus front we believe now is the time to provide additional support.

With that in mind, I’d like to announce the Toast Restaurant Recovery Fund to help you navigate the coming winter. This $35 Million investment in the restaurant community, and our customers in particular, will include the following:

  • One Month Software Credit.* We will provide a one month software credit to all current Toast Customers to help you navigate this winter. Just like in the spring, you don’t need to do anything — we will manage this process for you. Check out the FAQ’s here.   

  • Pass It On Campaign. We know the restaurant community is a special one. If you would like to forego your one-month SaaS credit to help restaurants that are facing more significant hardships, let us know here by 12/31/20. 

  • Access to Toast Products. In the next few weeks, we will provide complimentary access for a limited time to Online Ordering, Toast TakeOut and Toast Marketing. We will send out an email the week of 12/7/20 with more details. 

  • Toast Capital. We are working closely with our partners to provide access to funding that you can use for winterization, etc. We expect that this program will be available, subject to eligibility, in mid-December. 

  • Access to Best Practices. We’ve been working across our community to document tactics, best practices, and tips on how to navigate COVID-19 in our Restaurant Recovery Series.  

The one-month free software credit will be issued to you over the coming weeks. Here is how you can expect to see that refund reflected in your account: 

  • If you are billed monthly you will receive a credit on your next monthly invoice issued after 12/1/20. 

  • If you are billed annually you will receive a refund within 60 days, into your bank account on file with Toast.

  • If you have third-party financing you will receive a refund within 60 days from Toast into your bank account on file with Toast.  

  • If you forego your one-month free software credit to help another restaurant in need you will still receive the credit, but will be double-billed in January. See FAQ’s here. 

I'd like to close by sharing that your grace, grit, and determination over the course of 2020 continues to inspire the more than 1,450 employees here at Toast and I want you to know that now, more than ever, we remain committed to our mission and your success.  

Have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving. 

Chris Comparato, CEO and the entire Toast Team

*Payroll software fees are excluded from the one month credit. 

Offer may not be available to you if you purchased Toast through a Toast Reseller Partner, please discuss your options with that representative.