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Scan to Pay - Contactless Mobile Payment

With Scan to Pay, guests can scan a QR code and pay for their bill from the convenience and safety of their mobile device. 

This feature is included as part of the Core POS subscription under Payment Options.

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Flat rate pricing

Order and Pay

Service charges will now apply to Order & Pay orders.

Starting on September 28, 2020, service charges configured for the POS will start appearing on orders placed through Order & Pay.

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Online Ordering and Toast TakeOut

  • Google My Business preferred links - Update your Toast Online Ordering URL to be your preferred link in Google My Business. Sign into Google My Business, select 'Order ahead links', and star your OO link to mark it as preferred.
  • Scheduled Orders Now Available on Toast TakeOut - You asked, and we delivered! Give your guests more ways to order from you on iOS and Android by getting started with Toast TakeOut today.
  • Same-day Scheduled Orders Now Available for Toast Online Ordering - Navigate to the Online Ordering page and set 'Max Future Scheduled Order Date' to 0. By setting this to 0, your customers will only be able to order ahead through the end of the current day. You can learn more about scheduled orders in our Toast Central article here.
  • TBC Kitchen Capacity Order Throttling 
  • TBC Auto-gratuity/service charges to online orders

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Toast Delivery Services

  • Redispatching Toast Delivery Services Orders - Orders can now be re-dispatched to a new driver in case of order error. 

  • Displayed Order Status for Toast Delivery Services Orders - Orders will display driver statuses including “Driver Assigned,” “Here for pickup,” and “Driving to drop off” in the En Route tab of the Delivery screen.

  • Dispatch Errors Displayed for Toast Delivery Services Orders - If a driver dispatch is unsuccessful, error notifications will appear on the Delivery screen.

  • Tips Shown on Toast Delivery Services Z Report - Total tips for drivers can now be viewed in the Delivery section of the end-of-day Z report.

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Email Marketing

Measure Campaign Impact With The Estimated Sales Dashboard - The new “Estimated Sales” dashboard shows the direct impact of your marketing efforts. Easily measure your campaign’s effectiveness by seeing how much revenue was brought in as a result of your email. 

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