HMS - Toast Transition FAQs

With Toast’s growth and the quickly evolving nature of restaurant technology, we have made it a priority to have direct relationships with customers like you in markets formerly served by our partners. This transition will be occurring in phases, outlined below.  We will update this webpage and send emails as additional details are confirmed. We want to ensure these changes are seamless for your business, so we appreciate your patience!


Who is my point of contact? HMS will continue to be your point of contact for all technical support, billing, and implementation/installation needs. HMS Customer Service can be reached at 800.242.8679.

When will I get my final bill from HMS? If you are on a monthly subscription plan, your final bill from HMS will cover Toast POS software service through 11/30.

Will there be a disruption in my POS service? No interruptions ─ everything will run as usual! 

What if I would like to purchase an extra printer, terminal, etc.? Toast will fulfill any new hardware or software requests. To submit a new request, please call 617.682.0225.

Is there anything I need to do at this time? Yes! The authorized signatory for your restaurant should have received an email with a link to complete an e-signature via DocuSign. This is required to continue accurate software subscription billing after 11/30. Please note:

  • The DocuSign ‘Contract Start Date’ is 12/1/19 indicating the date that Toast will take over direct billing for your account. 

  • ‘Initial Term’ is the remaining number of months in your existing contract from the Contract Start Date.

  • ‘Software Subscription’ fee should match your current bill. If you would like to add or remove software, you will need to sign this document first in order for Toast to process your request.

  • If you have multiple restaurants, a separate signature is required for each location.

  • If this email was not received, please contact with the name and email of the correct person who is authorized to sign. 

Who do I contact about another restaurant to sign with Toast?  Please contact Toast Sales directly at 857.301.6002.

DECEMBER 1, 2019 - MARCH 31, 2020:

Who will be my point of contact? Through 3/31, HMS will continue to be your point of contact for technical support and services, including onsite implementation. For any questions or requests about billing or sales, including purchasing additional hardware or software modules/integrations, please call Toast Support at 617.682.0225. 

Can I expect changes in how I am billed? Yes. Toast will begin billing you directly for your software subscription as of 12/1. There will be no change to your current Toast contract length or subscription cost. 

  • If you are on an annual payment schedule for Toast software, your first direct bill from Toast will be on your renewal date. 

  • If you are on a monthly payment schedule, starting 12/1, your first bill from Toast will be for a partial month ─ this will be prorated to the day of the month coinciding with the original date you went ‘live’ on Toast POS (the first customer payment transaction). From that date, you will be billed monthly for the next month of service. 

    • For example, if you went live on Toast on 6/18/19, your first bill will be for service from 12/1 - 12/17 and then monthly on the 18th of every month.  Your 12/18 bill would be for service from 12/18/19 - 1/17/20, and so on.

How will my software payments be processed by Toast? Toast will make an ACH withdrawal from your bank account on file, which is listed under Financial Setup on your Toast Web account. This is currently the only form of payment that Toast accepts for software billing.

What if I haven’t installed Toast yet? If you are installing Toast by 12/31, HMS will coordinate your implementation. 

  • After Toast is installed, when will I get my first software bill?  Your software billing term will start from the date of your first customer payment transaction on Toast POS. You will receive a bill at that time for the software that will be used for the upcoming month.  

    • For example, if you go live on Toast on 1/10, your first bill will be on 1/10 for service from 1/10 - 2/9 and then monthly on the 10th of every month. Your 2/10 bill would be for service from 2/10 - 3/9, and so on.

APRIL 1, 2020:

Who will be my point of contact? Toast will now be your main point of contact for all POS software support and services!  On or before 4/1, you’ll receive an email about Toast’s Customer Success Team and your new resources with contact info.

Where can I get answers when I have questions about how to do something on Toast? In the Toast Central search bar, type in what you want to do and you’ll find a list of instructions, articles, and/or videos. You can also search the Knowledge Base for common topics. For troubleshooting and technical support, HMS Customer Services can be reached at 800.242.8679. 

What if I would like additional onsite or remote implementation time for training, menu work, etc.? Starting 4/1, extra hours of implementation with a dedicated Toast Field Implementation Engineer (either onsite or remote) can be purchased under our Services and Fees guidelines by putting in a request through Toast Support. Once the request is received, you will be contacted by our Services Team to determine the scope of work and schedule an appointment.

What are the benefits of working directly with Toast? At the final stage of this transition, you’ll have direct access to our Toast experts ─ the ones who built our products and continue to enhance them every month. We receive insightful feature requests from customers like you all the time, so we’re constantly adapting our software and hardware to meet the needs of growing restaurants. Our Toasters are knowledgeable about our latest upgrades, and it’s our mission to help you navigate the platform and features to maximize your restaurant’s performance and minimize waste. In addition to Toast’s 24/7 Support phone line, you’ll gain access to Toast University training, online Support ticket submission and tracking, and Toast Web Chat for real-time one-on-one support. Check out this link for a full overview of Toast Customer Support.

If you have an urgent question about this transition that is not answered above, feel free to reach out to

Thank you for your continued partnership and choosing Toast!