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Toast + BarTrack

Pour Smarter and automate inventory management with BarTrack

BarTrack is a hospitality company that has revolutionized the way bars, breweries, and restaurants manage their inventory and eliminate waste. 

To achieve this, we offer a non-intrusive beverage sensor with no moving parts, combined with an intuitive platform that streamlines inventory management and draft system diagnostics. The data provided by these sensors, combined with point-of-sale integration delivers a comprehensive breakdown of the causes and impacts of waste on the bottom line.

Benefits of Toast + BarTrack

  • Streamline Inventory - Visualize your real-time inventory from anywhere in the world and optimize re-ordering by knowing your rate of consumption and how much inventory is left in your cooler.

  • Optimize Draft Quality - Ensure that you are serving the highest quality drinking experience to customers by utilizing the BarTrack system to monitor your temperature, pressure, and line cleanliness.

  • Identify Waste - Granular reporting delivers actionable KPIs based on the combination of Pour and Sale data - allowing management to pinpoint what, when, why waste occurs.

  • Consultative Approach - Our team of industry experts will review your data to help you identify problems, develop an action plan, and leverage our tools to ensure you reach your goals.

I was shocked when BarTrack showed me how much inventory I was actually losing. The system helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scott Parker

DC Restauranter

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