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Toast + BeerBoard

Streamline Your Bar Management

BeerBoard's Technology & Automated Intelligence make running your bar easier and more profitable

BeerBoard is the leading technology and Automated Intelligence company enabling the hospitality industry to make fact-based decisions about its complete bar business. Our patented digital platform operates from a single dashboard and captures, analyzes, and reports real-time data related to bar performance, brand insights, ordering and inventory. We have helped sreamline operations and increased revenue for retail operators of every size across the United States.

Benefits of Toast + BeerBoard

  • Streamline Operations & Extend Staff
    Reduce Labor by 20+ hours per month; Simplify Ordering, Inventory and Payments; Place All Alcohol Orders Directly To Distributors

  • Drive Targeted Sales to Guests
    Live Menu Updates; Supplier-Funded Promotions; User Activity Reporting

  • Drive Revenue by an average increase of 2%
    Easily identify areas of opportunity; Increase revenue and profit per keg; Automated Recommended Orders for All Brands

  • Optimize selection & offerings
    Reduce Overall Costs by an average of 3%; Reduce Inventory Held in Stock; Reduce waste (negligence & theft);

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