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Toast + Craftable

The Complete Profit Management Platform

Craftable serves those who serve others.  That’s why we’ve built a dream team of hospitality experts and Silicon Valley’s finest to provide our best-in-class technology. With Craftable, operators can actively drive profits and reduce costs. Our platforms are designed for maximum ease and seamless connection. From supply chain to shelf, ingredients to invoices, Craftable brings mouth-watering solutions including basic ops automation, tracking and costs, analytics, and profit maximization.


  • Increase MarginsCraftable + US Foods Integration
    Craftable and Toast both integrate with US Foods! Connect what you buy from US Foods with what you sell to your customers with Craftable's seamless integration.

  • Craftable + Accounting Integration
    Craftable connects your invoices and Toast POS sales with 20+ accounting systems.

  • Craftable + Enterprise Management
    Craftable's platform gives corporate oversight to multi-location groups using Toast POS and Toast's Master Menu POS configuration.

  • Craftable + Vendor Integration
    Craftable integrates directly with 6,000+ vendors and distributors to support bars, restaurants, hotels, and franchises across America.

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