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Offer customers takeout & delivery in reusable containers

DeliverZero is a reusable container system that makes it easy to offer customers takeout and delivery in returnable reusable packaging. 

We help restaurants reduce packaging expenses by about 40% and attract high-value eco-conscious customers. DeliverZero seamlessly integrates with your flow, handles all container tracking and makes the returns process easy for customers. With DeliverZero, your customers can get the takeout they love, but without the trash.

Benefits of Toast + DeliverZero

  • Cost Savings: Restaurants save about 40% on packaging costs for every DeliverZero order and you only pay for what you use.

  • Easy to Use: DeliverZero adds zero steps to your flow. Simply put food in our boxes when requested. We collect and sanitize the boxes, remotely monitor your inventory, and restock you automatically.

  • Attract New Customers: 86% of people who’ve used DeliverZero ordered from a new restaurant because they offer our containers. We spotlight your restaurant, giving you exposure to high-value customers.

  • Truly Sustainable: Reusable packaging is by far the most climate-friendly option and the newest trend in packaging. Your restaurant will be a leader in the fight against waste and climate change.

Through the DeliverZero & Toast integration, we’ve seen significant guest usage, all without our teams having to take more steps of service. We’re able to uphold our environmental commitment, save money, and create a more consistent regular base that loves the program.

Elizabeth Nicholson


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