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Flybuy: Providing a location-based pickup solution

Flybuy Pickup provides businesses with an accurate customer ETA, arrival events, and on-site location so they can prioritize and optimize off-premise order fulfillment.

Flybuy Pickup enables restaurants and retailers to reduce off-premise customer wait time by an average of nearly 80%. The proprietary location technology is leveraged to provide an accurate ETA of the incoming customer, giving staff alerts when they are en route, nearby, and on property. The customer does not have to lift a finger upon arrival, as the staff meets them at the curb, counter, or in the drive-thru for an immediate order handoff. 

How Flybuy Works

Key Benefits

  • Decrease wait time by 80%
    With constant location updates, employees prioritize the fulfillment and staging of orders based on the customer’s exact ETA.

  • Boost sales by 7.5%
    A seamless off-premise experience attracts new customers and increases return visits. Customers are 3x more likely to return after using Flybuy.

  • Improve staff efficiency
    Staff can juggle dine-in and takeout customers simultaneously. Audio and visual alerts give the kitchen and staff time to proactively prepare orders based on exact ETAs.

  • Reduce food waste by 40%
    By preparing orders based on exact arrival times, there are substantial reductions in waste from expired orders and mistakes.

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