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Elevate Your Restaurant’s Guest Journey

Simplify Your Restaurant's Tech Stack With One Platform

All-in-one fully automated intelligence-driven guest engagement platform for restaurants & virtual kitchens that increases retention, maximizes revenue, and enhances the guest experience for both first-time visitors and loyalists. 

Enhance your guests' experience with our platform that combines branded online ordering and white-label mobile apps with customizable loyalty programs, a data-driven automated marketing suite, fully automated CDP analytics/segmentation, integrated gift cards, upsells powered by machine learning, and guest journey management that uses artificial intelligence to identify at-risk guests and turn guests into regulars – all while seamlessly integrating with top POS providers, payment processors and delivery services.

At Incentivio, our authentic relationships power our growth and foster true collaboration across all our teams. We are passionate about helping our partners build stronger relationships with their guests. We want to create connections that matter by working with your brand to develop a solution that fits YOUR experience!

How Incentivio Integrates with Toast

Incentivio has been partnered with Toast for over six years. We utilize the latest toast APIs to provide a seamless experience across menus, ordering, loyalty, payments, and marketing. When a customer orders through the mobile app or online ordering their order fires directly to the Toast POS printers and/or KDS screens based on the routing you set up in Toast. You can 86 items in real-time in Toast and have them reflected on the Incentivio mobile app and online ordering pagers in real-time. You can also void, refund, or edit digital orders on the Toast POS or in the Toast admin portal at any time. In-store, online, and in the mobile app, you can reward guests, add to their loyalty balance, and accept gift cards using the camera on the Toast POS or scanners. 

Simply by turning on the upsell feature we saw an 8.7% take-rate by guests and instantly increased our digital revenue by nearly 4% without having to lift a finger. Now we’re at 13.18% of increased digital revenue. Wing It On!’s future is bright, and we’re on trajectory to have 100 stores in the pipeline by 2024. We know Incentivio is able to quickly scale with us, and we’re excited to continue our relationship.

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Justin Egan |

CMO and Co-founder, Wing It On!

Key Benefits

  • Mobile app & online ordering
    Their white-labeled mobile apps and online ordering are visually stunning and have fast load times, providing a quick, easy way to order. Add delivery integration for commission-free delivery.

  • Loyalty
    Incentivio’s loyalty integration works seamlessly on mobile, web, and in-store. Staff can easily look up customers and apply rewards in Toast.

  • Gift cards
    Add a new revenue stream with gift cards and lower your effective processing rates. This also reduces friction for guests with scan-to-pay in-store.

  • 360 CRM & analytics
    Use metrics like same store sales lift, conversions, and average basket value to understand your customers and make data-driven decisions.

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