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Toast + Mr Yum

The world's spiciest mobile ordering and growth platform

Mr Yum is an ordering, payments and growth marketing platform used and trusted by leading hospitality and entertainment venues in Australia, the US and UK.

With its industry-leading functionality and focus on customer success, Mr Yum has seen the platform adopted in all types of venues, from cafes and pubs to stadiums, concert venues and airports, helping hospitality businesses grow revenue while providing a seamless digital experience.

Benefits of Toast + Mr Yum

  • Upsells. Items using visual images are 6x more likely to be added to cart than those without.

  • Flexible for any use case - Easy in-venue, pickup and delivery ordering packed with features that reduce admin and offer guests a memorable experience.

  • Streamline your operations - Mr Yum's seamless integration with Toast allows for easy menu management. Make instant online menu updates directly from your POS.

  • Marketing built in - Capture valuable data with our CRM and send out tailored communications that your guests want. Top it off with a loyalty programme to reward guests and keep them coming back.

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