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Toast and PeachWorks Integration: Scheduling & Inventory Integration


PeachWorks has a complete suite of integrated apps that put you in control of every key aspect of the back-office, taking the guesswork out of restaurant management. Seamlessly integrate both Schedule and Inventory with Toast and the entire suite of PeachWorks apps.


Schedule gives you total control over your scheduling. Your staff can view their schedules, trade shifts, and manage availability requests over the internet, email, or via mobile text:

  • Configure dashboards based on your specific preferences using an easy drag and drop interface
  • Set enforcement windows and require a manager's approval when an employee tries to clock in or out beyond the specified range
  • Easily send both internal and external messages to update staff about schedule changes
  • View real-time business rule conflicts and overtime alerts in a single display window
  • Keep tabs on actual vs. scheduled labor

Use Inventory as a powerful management tool to take the guesswork out of inventory:

Easily set up and manage inventory items and recipes for positive impact on customer satisfaction and profit marginsPeachWorks Inventory combines the simplicity of managing inventory on a spreadsheet with the power of a fully integrated and mobile, cloud-based solution. Get a complete, accurate view of your entire inventory with the ability to easily track items, add receipts for items purchased, declare prep, and run powerful reports to track large variances and determine cost of salesYou don't have to be a tech expert to use it. Like all PeachWorks apps, Inventory is easy to learn and even features a built-in app "wizard" to help guide all users

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