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Toast + SparkPlug

Sales Gamification Suite for Restaurant Servers

With SparkPlug, you can easily create and manage sales incentives for servers and staff. Everything is automated with real-time dashboards for employees, ROI reports for management, and integrated rewards payouts. 

SparkPlug securely integrates with Toast in minutes. Launch individual, manager or restaurant-wide incentives based on sales goals, completely automated. 

Employees stay motivated without needing to download an app, with SMS for enrollment, leaderboard standings, and payouts. 

Benefits of Toast + SparkPlug

  • Connect to Toast via a secure integration.
    Your data stays safe and private.

  • Launch in Minutes
    Launch your first incentive in minutes, including customizable leaderboards, commissions, and goals.

  • Automate incentive tracking, payouts, and prize fulfillment.
    See ROI at-a-glance with real-time sales reporting and integrated analytics.

  • Drive employee engagement
    SMS incentive notifications and rewards keep employees engaged without having to use an app or password, leading to 90+% adoption from employees.

Visit SparkPlug for more information!

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