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Thanx helps brands grow customer lifetime value through flexible, self-service loyalty programs and easy-to-use lifecycle marketing campaigns and automation. Thanx loyalty programs and marketing tools focus on access, exclusivity, and personalization over static, discount-focused programs that are both expensive and brand-devaluing. Thanx’s proprietary credit card tokenization technology dramatically increases the accuracy and volume of enrollments and purchase data captured within our CRM.

Thanx is different from traditional loyalty and guest engagement platforms:

  • With Thanx, create on-brand loyalty programs that capture more data and are not discount-dependent. 

  • Thanx’s loyalty-integrated ordering experiences win and retain customers on first-party channels. 

  • Leverage sophisticated marketing automation that is easy to use and drives measurable revenue. 

  • Thanx is a modern platform designed for interoperability and data portability. 

How Thanx integrates with Toast
Thanx offers a best-in-class CRM, loyalty platform, marketing automation, and digital ordering experiences on mobile and web. Each piece works together seamlessly and integrates directly into the Toast POS and, if desired, the Toast online ordering platform. Thanx offers both mobile apps and web ordering experiences with industry-leading conversion rates of 80-95%. Guests can explore the menu, view available rewards and benefits, and reorder previous purchases with just a few clicks.

Customer Examples include:  Eggmania, Mothers Tacos, Equator, Andolini’s

With the Thanx + Toast integration, restaurants achieve a 360-degree view of their customers. The robust capture of both in-store and online purchase data, including SKU data, enables targeted, personalized marketing, driving customer retention, brand affinity, and provable ROI. Thanx’s guest engagement and automation tools make it easy for brands to activate new customers turning them into lifelong fans and with Thanx’s easy A/B testing tools with comprehensive revenue reporting, it’s simple to see what’s working and what’s not.

Key Benefits

  • No more customer data silos
    You gain a 360 view of customers across in-store and online purchases, meaning less burden on IT and faster, better decisions.

  • Personalization at scale
    Thanx makes personalizing every touchpoint simple through automated and targeted one-click campaigns.

  • Best-in-class mobile apps
    Modern, fully customizable mobile apps that Thanx builds for you can be launched in weeks and cost nothing to maintain or upgrade.

  • Consolidating costs
    Unlike basic rewards programs, Thanx completely replaces your existing email marketing, loyalty, and feedback tools.

After the roll-out of Thanx CRM-integrated ordering, Little Big Burger saw a 12.1% increase in SSS in the 20 weeks following launch and a 7.5x increase in loyalty sign-ups.

Fred Glick

President, Amergent Hospitality Group

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