Inventory Accounting Analytics

Toast + WISK

End-to-end Inventory Management - Inventory Done 5x Faster

Barcode Scanning: WISK speeds up inventory 5x with easy phone camera barcode scanning.
Collaborative Inventory: Allows multiple staff to simultaneously manage inventory, boosting efficiency.
Extensive Database: Provides accurate inventory tracking, detailed sales analysis, and precise ordering.
Menu Profitability: Analyze recipes to determine winning and losing menu items.
Variance Reports: Detects inventory discrepancies, highlighting potential issues like theft, spillage or waste.
Bluetooth Scale Integration: Streamlines inventory checks for speed and accuracy.


  • Largest Market Database
    With over 200K bottles (images, weights, barcodes) & 1.5M food items, WISK offers precision in inventory tracking, accurate sales forecasts, and ensuring ideal order estimates.

  • Bluetooth Scale Integration
    Our user-friendly iOS and web app, combined with Bluetooth scale integration enables real-time inventory management (split up the work between staff).

  • No Internet, No Problem
    WISK’s unique offline mode ensures uninterrupted inventory management. No matter the state of internet connectivity, with WISK, your operations never go on hold.

  • Never worry about high menu costs
    Scan invoices for real-time cost updates to always stay informed. You'll also get alerts if your updated cost exceeds your pre-set limits.

Tried four systems, none compares to WISK's efficiency and speed. Inventory time cut from six hours to one and a half. Invoice inputting is now quick, and support is fantastic.

Sid Patel

The Brass Tap

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