Card Processing Rate Change FAQ

  1. What payment processing rates does this change impact?

This change impacts your Visa, Mastercard, and Discover processing rates for card-present and card-not-present transactions. This change does not apply to your American Express processing rates. 

  1. When does this price change on my payment processing rates go into effect? 

This price change goes into effect on December 1, 2022. See your email titled “Payment Processing Rate Update and Chargeback Protection” for more information.

  1. Can my business forgo a higher payment processing rate? 

If you want to avoid the 0.15% increase to your card processing rates, you can instead choose to pass along an Order Processing Fee of $0.99 paid by the guest for each Toast Online Ordering order of $10 or more (before taxes or fees), which is collected by Toast from your business. This new processing fee will be paid by the guest similar to a ‘Service Charge’. See your email titled “Payment Processing Rate Update and Chargeback Protection” for more information on how to opt in to this option. 

  1. Where can I see my existing payment processing rates?

To see your existing rates, please visit the Deposit Totals Overview report found under the Finance Reports and Analytics section of Toast’s backend.

  1. What is included in my processing fees?

Because Toast is an integrated payment provider, you have a single provider for all your restaurant needs. We believe you should get more from your provider than statements - Toast provides card processing services to benefit our customers. 

Included in your payment processing fee is: 

  • $3,000 in annual protection against chargebacks (starting December 1, 2022; see here for more details on chargeback protection) 

  • Real-time machine-learning fraud prevention 

  • 365/24/7 Customer Care

  • Detailed reporting & analytics

  • Next business day deposits 

  • Offline mode

  1. I have a question that isn’t on this FAQ. 

Please reach out to and we would be happy to help!