Streamline day-to-day brewery operations and set staff up for success

The beginning and end of a shift can be frantic. Use this free PDF checklist to set your brewery staff up for success.

What's inside?

  • A PDF checklist including an overview of the importance of using a brewery opening and closing checklist, as well as a list of specific tasks that need to be completed when opening and closing for each shift

Brewery Whats Inside

Set your brewery staff up for a successful shift, every shift

Opening and closing a brewery every day requires staff to complete a lot of cleaning, organizing, and prep tasks. Forgetting even a small task can interrupt the workflow for the day.

That’s why brewery owners know the importance of streamlining day-to-day operations.

Cooks, brewers, service staff, and management can all benefit from opening and closing checklists. These lists help staff to stay focused and complete the tasks that keep the brewery operating efficiently.

That’s why we’re taking out the guesswork. This Brewery Opening and Closing Checklist includes a daily checklist for your brewery from cleaning and prepping to safety and finances.