Make opening and closing your kitchen a breeze

Ensure your back of house runs like a well-oiled machine with this customizable kitchen opening and closing checklist.

What's inside?

  • An editable Excel spreadsheet where you can list daily general/organizational work and cleaning work that needs to be completed by your kitchen staff, including a few common tasks to help get you started

Whats Inside Kitchen Opening

What is an opening and closing checklist?

An opening and closing checklist lists daily tasks that need to be completed by your kitchen staff when opening or closing the restaurant. It helps you make these duties as clear, simple, and repeatable as possible for your team, freeing up time so they can focus on prepping and crafting wonderful food and meals for your guests.

Why do you need a checklist before opening and closing a restaurant?

A restaurant kitchen opening and closing checklist is critical to back-of-house organization.

Here are a few reasons why you need a kitchen checklist:

  • They're clear and concise, laying out tasks and instructions for your team to follow.
  • They're organized and allow you to break up tasks as you see fit.
  • They're easy to use, regardless of employee role or level.
  • They're easily adjustable, allowing you to quickly remove or add tasks.

Make an opening and closing checklist for your kitchen

Ready to get organized? Download the Kitchen Opening and Closing Checklist to ensure your back of house runs like a well-oiled machine.