Simple budget guidance to maximize profits on razor thin margins

Use this template to make sure your projections are accurate and help eliminate overspending across your business.

Whats Inside 7

What's inside? 

  • Sections broken up to analyze marketing, tech, equipment, professional services, and more spend.
  • An overall budget performance analysis to see where your actual spend differs from projections.
  • An easy-to-use way to see how much you are over or under budget.

Why analyze and balance my restaurant budget?

There are few variables that remain consistent in the restaurant industry. Things change all the time: employees come and go, ingredients change with the seasons, and customer preferences seems to change daily.

But there are aspects of the business we can control. Money is one of those things.

After you set your restaurant budget, balancing month-to-month cash flow can be complex. But you've got to take control of your restaurant costs, regardless of complexities.

That's why we created this Restaurant Budget Template, so restaurant owners and managers can compare a planned budget to an actual budget and keep costs in control.