Restaurant Hiring Kit Free Ebook & Interview Templates

Lower your restaurant's turnover by simplifying the hiring process and screening more qualified candidates.

Restaurant Hiring Sheet

The Relationship Between Hiring & Restaurant Turnover

We know the facts. There’s a 73% restaurant turnover rate. More restaurateurs name hiring as their biggest challenge to success.

Put bluntly, the workforce is often the most irritating, frustrating pain point for restaurant owners and managers. But it doesn’t have to be.

In this hiring kit, we’ll walk you through the steps of crafting the best plan, including templates and resources, for restaurant hiring to lower turnover.

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Free Templates You Can Use in Your Hiring Process

  • Job Posting Template
    Catch the eyes of the very best talent this industry has to offer with words that matter.

  • Interview Questionnaire
    Ask the right questions to ensure you're not hiring reactively or hastily.

  • Offer Letter Template
    Close the deal with an enticing job offer and welcome the new hire aboard.