The COVID-19 Restaurant Reopening Checklist

Learn how to approach reopening your restaurant during COVID-19 with this 78-item checklist.'s inside?

  • How to access government resources
  • How to adapt your space for social distancing
  • How to rethink reporting and KPIs
  • How to re-hire and re-train your staff
  • How to adapt your inventory purchasing
  • How to implement new cleaning protocol

Reopening Checklist Hero

As a growing number of states give non-essential businesses the go-ahead to reopen, restaurants are faced with navigating a new world where safety and social distancing rule operations. Consider them an intrinsic part of your restaurant's on-premise dining experience from here on out. 

Making sure you're prepared to reopen your restaurant for on-premise dining involves much more than just revisiting your cleaning protocol.

This 78-item restaurant reopening checklist covers all of the necessary to-do's. Your entire business – from the back office to the host stand – will be prepped and ready to safely welcome guests back for a long-awaited visit.

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