Restaurant Success in 2017 Industry Report

What top restaurants are doing to achieve success in 2017.

Restaurant Success 2017 Sheet

What does restaurant success mean to you?

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are over one million restaurant locations in the USA. How are restaurants supposed to keep their doors open with so much competition?

For Toast's annual Restaurant Success Industry Report, we asked 450 restaurants across the country about their plans for social media, technology, marketing, and more in 2017.

We also got a sense for how optimistic owners are for their sales moving forward. The results suggest that despite growing competition, it's an exciting time to be a restaurant owner.

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Key Findings From Restaurants Nationwide

  • 92%
    of restaurateurs are optimistic about their sales in 2017.

  • 87%
    of restaurateurs believe the success of their business is in their control.

  • 75%
    of restaurateurs will advertise their business on social media this year.

  • 48%
    of restaurateurs use YouTube or will start using it in 2017.

  • 36%
    of restaurateurs named hiring & staff retention their biggest challenge.