Restaurant Technology in 2017

Tracking the future of technology in the restaurant industry in Toast's 3rd annual report

Restaurant Tech Sheet

Your Go-To Report for Restaurant Technology Research

With millennials impacting consumer preferences and a culture obsessed with binging and instant gratification, nearly every industry has seen massive technology advancements over the past several decades. The restaurant industry, however, has been a little late to the party... Until now.

Toast’s third annual Restaurant Technology Industry Report shares data collected from our most extensive research to date, definitively bridging the gap between diner preferences and restaurateur perspectives.

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Statistics from the 2017 Restaurant Success Report

  • 95%
    of restaurateurs agree that technology improves business efficiency

  • 81%
    of diners used a restaurant's website to place an online order.

  • 78%
    of restaurateurs look at metrics and finances every day.