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Assigning side work can be easier. Here’s how.

Use this free Server Side Work Checklist to help streamline side work, train staff more effectively, and ensure everyone is held accountable.

See What’s Inside

What’s inside?

  • A completely customizable spreadsheet 

  • Dedicated space for each side work task

  • Sections for who the task is assigned to, closer signature, and manager sign-off

Looking to streamline your server side work and set your staff up for success? We’ve got you covered.  

Server side work consists of chore-like restaurant operations assigned to each server to be completed before the end of their scheduled shift. Side work focuses your servers on details like restocking supplies, cleaning menus, or filling salt shakers, so you can provide a better dining experience to every guest who sets foot in your establishment. 

Your Side Work Checklist acts as an agenda or to-do list for your front-of-house employees, similar to an opening and closing checklist for your restaurant. With a checklist like this, your staff knows what needs to be done without being told — which means no more checking in before, during, or after their shifts to see what work’s been completed (or not).

We hope this checklist helps you streamline to-do lists, prevent staff from overlooking tasks, and reduce labor costs.

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