Training new servers can be easier. Here’s how.

Use this Server Training Checklist to help streamline your employee training process and ensure that your new servers get off to a great start. It covers all of the essential tasks new servers should learn, from basic steps of service to side work.

What’s inside? Exclusive insights into:

  • The importance of a server training checklist

  • How to set your staff up for success in their first few weeks using a printable or digital restaurant server checklist

  • Everything that a new server needs to learn before their first solo shift

"The server training checklist has allowed us to standardize the way new hires are trained. It has made sure that all new servers are taught the same material and sets the expectations from day one. It also is a nice refresher for the server that is working with the trainee as certain material can be forgotten over time."

Mike O’Brien

Assistant General Manager at Lincoln Tavern South Boston, MA

Whats Inside

Looking to streamline your training process and set new staff up for success? We’ve got you covered.  

Bringing new servers onto your front-of-house team can be both exciting and challenging. You want to ensure that your new hires know what to do and feel confident on the floor. 

To help you streamline your training process and ensure that your new servers get off to a great start, we’ve created this comprehensive checklist. It covers all of the essential tasks new hires should learn, from using the POS to bussing tables, so they can succeed in their new role. 

This checklist will also keep you and your restaurant managers organized while ensuring all necessary training is covered.

We hope this checklist helps you create a great training experience and saves you time and effort, so you can focus on what you do best — running a successful restaurant!

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