Hiring the Modern Restaurant Workforce

Take the headache out of staffing a restaurant with this free, hiring-focused, interactive course from Toast.


You have enough on your plate.

Staffing a restaurant has long been a complicated ordeal for restaurant owners, operators, and managers. Unfortunately, recruiting, hiring, and retaining staff has morphed into distraction from restaurant management's main course: creating a memorable dining experience for every guest. 

Hiring the Modern Restaurant Workforce, a free, 5 chapter, interactive course by Toast, trains restaurant owners, operators, and managers to master the hiring cycle from soup to nuts. 

You will learn transformative hiring skills, like: 

  • Developing and maintaining a workplace culture grounded in core values,
  • How to start an employee referral program in your restaurant,
  • Where to post a job online,
  • How to screen restaurant job applicants, and,
  • Why and how to conduct new hire onboarding in your restaurant.

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