Toast Balance: How to wire funds into your Toast Balance Account

Wiring funds into your Toast Balance Account* is an easy solution for moving funds fast and for moving sums of money that are larger than the daily and monthly ACH limits of your Toast Balance Account.  

Start by logging into the online banking website or app of the bank where your funding account is located. Look for the transfer feature or search for wires.  You will be asked to set up your Toast Balance Account as an account to receive your transfer then fill out the wire transfer form stating the amount you wish to transfer.  Note: you may be charged a fee for sending a wire.  This fee differs by financial institution. 

Here’s a list of information you’ll need to set up your Toast Balance Account to receive a wire transfer and/or for completing a wire transfer form.

Beneficiary Name:

This is the official ownership name on your Toast Balance Account.  If you’re a sole proprietor, it’s your name not that of your restaurant.

Beneficiary Account Number:

This is your Toast Balance Account number.  This is easy to find on your Toast Balance Account dashboard by clicking on the three dots to the right of the words "Toast Balance Account (xxxx)".

Beneficiary Routing Number / Receiver ABA:


Beneficiary Address:

The address on your Toast Balance Account

Beneficiary Bank Name:

Thread Bank

Beneficiary Bank Routing Number:


Beneficiary Bank Address:

210 E Main St, Rogersville TN 37857

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to  We’re here to help.  

*Toast is not a bank. The Toast Balance Account is issued by Thread Bank; Member FDIC.