Toast Digital Ordering Upgrade FAQ

1. What features are included in the next generation version of digital ordering? 

We’re introducing the next generation of digital ordering that’s built to help increase sales with access to millions of guests and a customizable digital presence, designed to help you save money with integrated ordering channels that are commission-free, and turn first time guests into regulars with tools that upsell your guests and keep them coming back. 

Some of the new features include:

  • Custom font, color, and images to help you make a great first impression and search engine optimized menus to increase website traffic - all through Toast Online Ordering
  • Commission-free ordering channel through Order with Google to help you access millions of guests already ordering food through Google Search and Maps
  • Single use promo codes so guests can only redeem once to help you protect your bottom line
  • Customizable offers so guests get the best deals and promos to keep them coming back
  • Streamlined multi-location picker built into Toast Online Ordering to help guests order from the right location
  • Up to $3K in annual chargeback protection (up to $250/month) on Toast Online Ordering Channels*. We've also eliminated the $15 chargeback processing fee on Toast Online Ordering Channel* chargebacks
  • Upgraded Toast TakeOut app (Top 25 App) that’s commission-free and gives you access to a growing network of hungry guests. New features include easy passwordless access for guests, customizable promotion offers, and the ability to favorite go-to spots
  • Access to flat-fee delivery through Toast Delivery Services to save money on 3rd party commissions

You can learn more about the new features and details here

2. How do I get my restaurant on the upgraded version of Toast Online Ordering?

You don’t have to do anything - your online ordering experience will be automatically upgraded on the date shared in your email. 

To customize your new online ordering page on Toast Web, visit the Takeout and Delivery page in your Toast Web account or access the page directly here.

3. How do I enable Order with Google as an ordering channel for my restaurant? 

If Order with Google isn’t already enabled for your restaurant, you can follow the steps outlined here

4. I have a question that isn’t on this FAQ about the digital ordering upgrades? 

You can learn more by checking out our Online Ordering FAQ on Toast Central here. You can also reach out to our Customer Care team at (617) 682-0225 or via chat on Toast Central and we would be happy to help!

*Toast Online Ordering Channels include Toast Online Ordering, Toast Online Ordering Pro, Order with Google, Toast Local, and Toast TakeOut, including any digital orders using Toast Delivery Services.