Troubleshooting Your Toast Go Charging Issues

Occasionally Toast Go’s have charging issues come up, which are typically related to debris interfering with the charging area. Here is how to troubleshoot if your Toast Go will not charge:

1. Check the cable and the Toast Go charging port for debris; use a Q-tip to clean the charging area. 


2. Try charging your tablet with a known working outlet and known working cable, charge the device for at minimum 30 minutes, and press the power key for 3 seconds to power on the device. If the device fails to boot, try holding the power and volume up key together for 15 seconds to hard reboot the device. If you charged the device fully, and then failed to reboot or get the device charged, contact support for an RMA if your device is within warranty.


3. If cleaning the charging area does not resolve your issues, you can try a new cable. If you only have one cable you can go to Toast Shop to get a new cable ($8) to see if the cable is causing the issue.


4. If cleaning the charging area and testing with a new cable does not solve your issues AND if your device is out of warranty, you can reseat the battery or replace the battery.

Reseat the Battery: You can take a T4 screwdriver and take the tablet out of the case, take out the battery and put it back in again, and try a hard reboot by holding down the power and volume up key together for 15 seconds.

Replace Battery: You can also take a known working battery from a different tablet and put it in the device that won't charge to see if that resolves the issue.


We are working on a battery repair kit that's coming soon! The kit will ensure that out of warranty devices can be powered back up and running at a reasonable cost. Please fill out this short form if you would like to be notified when the kit is available for purchase.