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Service Prompts

We’re excited to announce Service Prompts in Toast. The Service Prompts feature allows you to designate required items on each check. For example, if servers pour their own beverages at your restaurant, you can now require them to add a drink per customer to the order, even if it’s something as simple as water. This will help avoid lost revenue by ensuring that servers are accounting for menu items that are often forgotten.

"We've seen immediate impact from Toast's Service Prompt feature, which we've enabled to require servers to add a drink to every order. My weekly beverage sales went from 600 orders per week to 2,800 per week. That is equivalent to $400,000 in increased annual sales!" - Chef Jamil Eid, Palm Palace

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Product Updates

New Display for Tax Included Items 

All restaurants with tax included items on their menus will see a change to the way these items are displayed when rung up in Toast or on printed and digital receipts. The tax amount field will display the total item amount, and the subtotal field will display the price minus tax. For example, an order with an item that is $5.00 with $0.50 tax included in the price, the subtotal will display $4.50 and the tax amount will display $0.50 (previously it would display a $5.00 subtotal and $0.00 tax amount). This change ensures that guests have full transparency into how much of their payment goes towards sales and tax amounts. It also guarantees that Toast customers are in compliance with tax codes.

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Locations Breakdown Report

The new Locations Breakdown Report allows you to analyze your sales by assorted metrics filtered to specific days of the week or hours in the day, either at one restaurant or across multiple locations. Use this report to get insights such as how many entrees you sold during lunch hours last year, how many takeout orders you did last month, and more!

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Get the Most Out of Toast

Toast Payroll & Team Management

Did you know you can integrate payroll directly with your Toast POS?

For prospective Toast Payroll & Team Management customers, join us for a LIVE demonstration of Toast Payroll & Team Management on October 14th at 2pm EDT. The session is a 45-minute deep dive into the product followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. Our payroll experts will show how you can streamline your payroll operations and save time.

Already have Toast Payroll & Team Management? Check out the latest tip on how to manage timesheets

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Joanne Chang, Charles Bililies, and Emiliana Puyana on Funding a Restaurant

When it comes to funding a restaurant, there are many different ways to go about procuring capital. In this episode of The Garnish, we spoke with Joanne Chang – whose bakery, Flour, has expanded to eight locations across Boston – and Charles Bililies – CEO of Souvla, a four-location Greek-American restaurant in San Francisco – about how they gained funding for their now very successful restaurants. 

We also spoke with Emiliana Puyana, a program manager at La Cocina, a culinary business incubator that helps women and immigrants start businesses. She told us about alternative paths to funding that are available to just about anyone.

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Join us at an upcoming Food for Thought event

Food for Thought, served by Toast, is a community event for restaurant owners, operators, and managers who come to be inspired by their peers and industry leaders. Attendees can expect to attend expertly curated sessions and interactive workshops designed to leave you with tangible takeaways to apply to your business. Check out the upcoming Food for Thought events to see if one is coming to a city near you.

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Partner Spotlight

Chowly receives orders from all your third-party delivery platforms - GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash and more - and sends them straight to Toast so your team doesn’t have to manually enter every order. When delivery orders flow directly into your Toast POS, you’ll reduce costs for staffing and errors, increase revenue, and make your customers happier. Chowly also transfers financial data into your Toast POS, making it easier to handle your accounting. 

Ditch extra tablets and streamline your online delivery orders today!