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What is a fast food employee?

Fast food employees work in quick service concepts with a drive thru.

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What is a fast food employee?

A fast food employee works in a fast food establishment – also known as a quick service restaurant (QSR) – taking and preparing orders for guests either at the counter or drive through.

Fast food restaurants are fast-paced, with guests looking to order and receive their meal quickly. Employees have to be able to stay calm during rushes, place orders accurately in the point of sale, have strong customer service skills, and work well as a part of a team. Fast food employees are also responsible for keeping both the kitchen and dining rooms of the restaurant clean.

What are a fast food employee’s duties and responsibilities?

The role of a fast food employee includes:

  • Taking orders at the drive through or counter
  • Help guests order independently on a kiosk
  • Preparing orders
  • Operating kitchen equipment such as grills and fryers
  • Working with managers and team members
  • Memorizing the preparation of menu items 
  • Knowledge of food safety practices
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment
  • Providing customer service to guests
  • Accommodating guests’ needs and special requests
  • Cleaning and organizing the dining room and parking lot
  • Quality control for products and ingredients

How much are fast food employees paid?

Fast-food employees earn between $21,900 and $29,600 annually, on average. Their average hourly pay is $12.53, and most fast food employees are eligible to receive tips.

What are the qualities that make a good fast food employee?

Good fast food employees provide consistent service and work well with a team. They also have excellent interpersonal skills for communicating with a large volume of customers. Fast food employees must be able to execute processes consistently and quickly, and account for customers’ requests or customizations.

How to become a fast food employee

Fast food restaurants have robust training and onboarding for new employees, and are prone to hiring candidates with little or no industry experience. Applying to a fast food restaurant and speaking candidly to the manager about your skills and experiences is a good place to start.

If you have a passion for cooking or customer service, becoming a fast food employee is a good place to learn the skills required for jobs in the restaurant industry.

How to hire a fast food employee

Fast food restaurant employees have flexible hours and competitive pay. And, many fast-food restaurants provide great training for employees eager to learn about the food service industry. 

When looking to hire fast food employees, make a list of the skills that make a great employee at your restaurant, as well as the tasks and responsibilities you need them to execute on. Be honest with candidates about the hours and shifts available during interviews.

Post job ads online to attract a wide pool of qualified candidates. Placing a “now hiring” sign on the door or counter of your fast food restaurant is a good way to advertise available positions.

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